Friday, February 08, 2002

Okay folks, the Stargate eps Meridian and Revelations, how sad were they?!? I downloaded both of them and had myself a good cry-fest.

For those that don't know, Meridian was the episode in which Michael Shanks' character, Daniel Jackson, said his goodbyes. Daniel was exposed to a lethal dose of radiation and died (well, kinda) I was spent most of that episode sobbing. Amanda Tapping - I love you. I love Sam. Thank you. At the end, Daniel ascended to a higher plain of exisistence. Rick - great job. Michael Shanks - wow, you blew me away. Christopher Judge - I'm in love with Teal'c scene with the dying Daniel and finally Teryl Rothery - it's too bad that Janet couldn't show more emotion.

Now Revelations, the season five finale. I love this episode. I laughed, I cried, I yelled at my computer monitor. The scene in Daniel's office with Sam and Hammond, simply wonderful. Again, Thank You Amanda Tapping. I loved the scene in the cargo ship when Sam was talking to Teal'c. It was nice to see those two interacting. The end of the episode, I can't say anything bad about it. The wind, it was Daniel. I started sobbing all over again. It took me twenty minutes to calm down. I'm so glad it wasn't a cliffhanger.

I've written fanfic inspired by both these episodes, I felt I had to.

New topic,, no new eps in February. Well, that kinda sucks. But, the good news is, twelve consecutive eps starting on March 3rd that lead up to the finale! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I'm so psyched!

Gatecon update, we have confimed guest BAYBEE!!!! Let me see, we have the gorgeous Colin Cunningham (Major Paul Davis), The hunky JR Bourne (Martouf), the lovable Don S. Davis (General Hammond), Gary Jones (that sergeant dude who sits at the controls, Davis is it?) Jay Acovone (Charles Kawalsky) and finally Tony Amendola (Bra'tac)

If Amanda Tapping's name ever appears on that list, I will cry. I will cry tears of joy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Just another rainy Vancouver Tuesday....

I was watching the X-Files last night on Space, "Genderbender" Not a great episode, but my mom and I had fun with it. We figured that when Mulder and Scully went to Steveston in the show, they were really in Steveston! The part of Richmond known as Steveston that is :) Also, the area that the Kindred lived in, that's Campbell Valley Park, in Langley, not far from where I live! Woo!

We got snow last week. Real, honest to goodness snow. It actually stayed on the ground, overnight anyway, it started raining the next day, bye bye snow. Caused a fair number of accidents though, a lady that my mom works with managed to drive her car off a hundred foot embankment. Her car was totalled but somehow she was mostly okay.

So I hear that David Duchovny has agreed to return for the X-Files finale barring any scheduling conflicts. Good to hear, we need the man back. I miss his quips, and besides he's easy on the eyes! I realize that some people think that Doggett is good looking, but uh, I'm not one of them. I think that the Skin-man is better looking than him.

Went out yesterday to White Rock. My dad and I were strolling along beside the ocean and it started hailing. Whee. The tide was really high and the waves were almost breaking over the sidewalk! Quite exhilerating. So then we went to leave, but the car wouldn't start. My dad tried bashing something under the hood but it still wouldn't start, so we called a tow truck. He came about half an hour later and bashed something under the hood and it started. Turns out we needed a new starter.

Anyway, I haven't showered yet this morning and I"ve got things that need to be done, My dad is making me apply to a job today. I don't want to work dammit!!!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2002

So this is the end. The X-Files is ending. I can't say that I'm suprised and well, I actually feel somewhat relieved. Nine years is a long run for a show. In my opinion, the X-Files should have ended with Requiem (Season 7 finale) and gone into a movie from there.

I've been "obsessive" about the X-Files for almost two years now, but I've been a fan of it for almost six. In these past two years I've had the opportunity to read some excellent fanfic. My all time favourite, and it's a long one, would have to be Dasha K.'s "Blinded By White Light" Part One and Part Two

I would also recommend anything by Prufrock's Love Particularly "The Wasteland" series. It's loooooooong, and I mean looooooooong but very well written. I sobbed through the last part. Most of Prufrock's Love's fanfic is very angsty and disturbing, if you want a happy fic, don't go here!

Chris Carter has made a statement claiming that he'd love to get David Duchovny back for the finale. I think that would be extremely cool and appropriate. Mulder HAS to be there for the series finale, he's Mulder! The X-Files IS Mulder!

I'm really looking forward to the next X-Files movie, I hope that they can bring back everyone (even if they are dead!) I'd love to see Fowley, CSM, Krycek, and WMM again. I miss all those baddies! I've been watching season one repeats on the Space channel, the good ol' days. I really liked Deep Throat, too bad he died.

Anywho, I have two new eps of Stargate downloaded that are just dying to be watched, so I'd better get on that! Oh yeah, one more thing, how cute is this quote from Amanda Tapping regarding her character in the movie, "The Void"? In contrast to Carter, though, "I don't wear Army boots," Tapping said.
"And I get to have sex, and my boyfriend doesn't die. It's all good." LOL, gotta love it!

Monday, January 07, 2002

ROAD Runners - Episode Captures: Trust No 1

I absolutely loved the X-Files last night. The only it was missing was obviously Mulder (oh and Skinner would have been nice too) WTF is up with "Dearest Dana" tho? Seriously, he calls her Dana like twice in eight years and now she's suddenly Dearest Dana.

I'm in love with the teaser. I want that teaser. I was sobbing by the end of it. Just seeing those shots of Mulder and Scully together and Scully's voice over just brought back some good memories. I was also crying over Mulder's email to Scully.

How cute are their email addresses! Mulder's and Scully's Is that 0925 supposed to be a date? I can't think of anything significant for September 25th...

Anyway, I still don't really get why Mulder is in hiding and why William's life is in danger, but oh well. I can live with that. It was nice to see Scully in the spot light. Next week's ep is a Doggett ep...wheee. yay. (note the lack of enthuiasm) I'd be more enthused if it were a Reyes ep, I just really don't like Doggett!

Friday, December 28, 2001

Wow, long time no write! Christmas has come and gone for another year. Didn't get much this year, money is a little tight. I did get a nice new camera from my grandparents, I asked for it specifically for Gatecon! I'm leaving for Vernon to visit my friends in a couple of days. I'm going to spend New Years with them.

Not much happening. I had to drive my brother over to a medical clinic this morning after he mashed his toe into the furniture. We thought it might be broken but it's not. I just had some delicious microwave lasagne for lunch mmmmmmm..frozen dinners....

I'm getting way too excited about Gatecon! I know that it's not until September but thte list that I'm on is talking about what guests we want to see. I would LOVE to see Richard Dean Anderson. I heard he doesn't do conventions, but there's a chance in hell that he'll do a Stargate con it's gonna be this one! Of course, Colin Cunningham and JR Bourne would be wonderful to see as well, and I've been thinking that Garwin Sanford and Peter Wingfield would be nice as well! Of course, Teryl and Amanda HAVE to go!

Speaking of Teryl, she was back at her message board yesterday. I really admire that woman, she's amazing. There was like ten messages from different people saying basically the same thing, "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" Teryl took the time to respond to each one of them. Isn't she just awesome? She says that she's looking forward to returning to Stargate in mid-February. I'm looking forward to them returning as well! I'm gonna go back to the studios one day then...

Monday, December 10, 2001

Heliopolis - The Stargate SG-1 Fanfiction Archive

Woo! X-Files last night RULED!!!! The folks over at 1013 managed to pull their heads out of their asses long enough to give us an excellent episode! "4-D" is definitely going on my list of ones to rewatch! The ep was creepy and well played. It was half way through the episode, and I still had no clue what exactly was going on, I love it!

Let's talk Doggett/Reyes for a bit here. I thought they were great together last night. I loved the Polish sausages as a housewarming gift and Monica was so obviously in pain about John being in the hospital, paralyzed. This is probably the first episode where I really liked Doggett. He managed to get a sense of humour and he actually opened his mind to extreme possibilities and told Monica to pull the plug. I was crying at the end when she did that. It was so nicely played by Annabeth Gish, kudos to her. I really like Monica Reyes.

I really hope the guys at 1013 decide to persue the Doggett/Reyes UST theme rather than the Doggett/Scully crap that was hinted at last week. They really work well together and they have chemistry! It was kinda sad to see Scully take a backseat in last night's ep, but it worked because it was Reyes' episode. Great Skinner action too! I still really hate the Follmer character, he doesn't work so well for me.

Anywho...I was in Richmond yesterday at Steveston Village. I love it there. It's like a sea side fishing town, with an old cannery and ship yards. They had a fish market going on at the marina and the atmosphere there was just so great! It's nice to get out to the ocean sometimes. I'd love to go the Vancouver waterfront someday. I haven't been there in years. I'd also love to go to West Van, but that's a whole other story!

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Yahoo! Canada

Not much happening around here. Just waiting for Christmas to throw up in the house! I love that saying btw..I heard one of the DJ's on a Vernon radio station say it last year and I've been saying it ever since! My mom hasn't had enough time to get around to it, and there's no point in me even trying to decorate because everything will just be moved somewhere else!

Teryl's back at her message board at her site, after a month absence! She answered a bunch of questions including what projects she's been working on. I love that woman, she is the sweetest person! If you don't know who she is, she plays Doctor Janet Fraiser on Stargate SG-1.

TV sucks right now, most of my favourite shows are taking a break. Stargate is in reruns until sometime next year, Enterprise is taking an eight week break..all that's left for me is the X-Files..ugh...I do have to admit that last week's ep, "Daemonicus" was better than NIHT but still lacking something (I'll give you a hint, his name starts with M) At least Scully was more normal. No mention of her poor child though, I guess Ma Scully is on baby duty, or maybe the Lone Gunmen are babysitters extraordinaire.

I caught the X-Files movie, "Fight the Future" on tv this past week. I'd seen it before, when it was first released on video but it made no sense as I hadn't seen any episodes past season three. Now that I've seen the arc leading up to it, it made somewhat more sense. My advice to people, don't even try to relate it to recent events, you'll just get a head ache. I still love the hallway scene, DAMN BEE!

Had a really horrible event happen not far from where I live not long ago. There was a double murder, three blocks away. Some guy was pissed off at his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend, so he starting beating up on them. Then he took a board to them and smashed them to death. Apparently there was quite a crowd watching and they tried to stop this guy, but they couldn't. Children witnessed this event. It's a scary thing.

Anyway, I gotta go and clean the bathroom and vacuum the floors, so TTFN